Book done on a class with Mikael Svensson


This is my book. To do thise small arts I have used Angelina fiber and sheets, metalic threads,
wool and silkfibers, tull, beads, organzaribbons and I even used bits of a tube that held tomatopaste nicely cleaned ofcourse.
It is only your own imagination that sets the limit of what you can use. I had no idéa that it would be so fun to use starange materials.
We heated Angelina fibers on rubber stamps, burnt tull and fabric. It is realy fun an I will sure make more.


I still have pages to put small pieces of art in so.... just have ta continue to make them.

This smaller one I made for my moms birthday.
Mini flying gees on the cover.

The boat pictures is with wool and silkfiber under a bit of very thin japaneese chiffon and I did freemotion embroidery.
The boat is of Angelina sheet that is manipulated with heat to make it wrinkled.

So fun, very fun.

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