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Educational places for quilters
Lots of online classes to good prices. Have taken a lot of them.
I have bought mostly Art Quilt realted classes and I reccomend a few of them here:
Painted pictorial quilts, with Annette Kennedy
Thread art, with Lola Jenkins
Stupendous stitching, with Carol Ann Waugh
I have a lot more of the classes. Very nice way to learn.

A guide to quilting

Quilting arts TV

Lot of fun

QR codestickers

Quilts and Quilting

Fun place

Quilters News Network


Fabric shack

Big Horn Quilts

Susanne's Quilt Shop

Sew Kwik Quilter

Denver Fabrics

Keepsake Quilting

Free quiltpatterns

Free quitltpatterns

Block Central



Linnéa ArtLine
wonderful embroideries

lots of freebies

Once Upon A Stitch
animals/ferrets are a picture of one of my giftbags



Hooked On Embroidery

George The Digitizer

Jennys embroidery

Wabbit Wanch Design

MTL Design

Champange Broderie

K.O Design

Textile art

Susan Dahlberg, textile art


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