I have started to make colorwork. It is so fun.
It took a while for me to figure out how to make nice stiches.
It is so relaxing to sit and embroider by hand.


This is one of the things I am working with now.

I think these three bears will be part of a babyquilt.


"Small Talk"
This is pattern from Mama Lesiure
I have bought more of the Mama series from
Suzannes quilt shop

It is 57,5 by 52,5 cm



Mama in love, is the name of this motif but I call it "Magic moment" because when I saw the fireflies on the blue fabric I felt like magic.

It is 53 by 53cm



Motif from Mama the Neeldeworker.
It is 43 by 43 cm



You can do colorwork with your embroidery sewingmachine too.


I found the mama series for embroidery sewingmachines at
Linda Dryer's website and could not restist them.


A miniquilt for my mom that loves to weav
and she likes roses so it couldn't been better.




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