About me


My name is Ninna and I live in Danderyd, Stockholm in Sweden
I am 52years old and I started to quilt in 1998-1999.

I work fulltime so I don't have all the time I want to do things I want to do.

I am married to Johan (my second husband) and I have three children (children is not the right word for them they are young adults)
Elin, Daniel and Robin only Robin still live at home. My husband has a daughter, Sara.

I love to sew and I have found out that making quilts is so fun. I am hooked on quilting
I have startet with making art quilts, the art quilt page is only in swedish at the moment.

I get my inspiration from books and magazines or from fabric that I see. Some fabrics are so beatiful that I just have to make something out of them. My head are allways thinking of a quilt project some are easy to do and others have to stay in my head and grow for a long time. The process to figure out the next project is as fun as making the quilt.

Besides quilting I practicing archery. My husband is an archer too. Now archery is "on hold". Might take it up again.

So why stop with just two hobbies? I have bought me a camera, a Nikon D60.
The pictures that I have and will take with that is shown on sederstrom.se
There you can see my and Johans pictures.

If you want to know me, my family more click here

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